Ready to Ramble!

Nelson is the latest steam train to join the Bally Hooley steam train company and we couldn’t be more excited. Nelson is a completely restored cane train from Mulgrave, also known as the Mulgrave Rambler.  Built in 1933, by  Fowler in Leeds, UK, like most of the sugar trains of the time, the train was rescued by John Morris earlier this year and has undergone very extensive refurbishment. 

Nelson has been painstakingly converted back to steam from  running on diesel.  The painstakingly intricate work of Mr Steve Turvey, Gary Tyrer, Johnny Young and the whole Bally Hooley crew is deeply appreciated.

Operations Supervisor Peter Cardilini reports that Nelson is now a “wonderful machine”, who will be launched in deserving gala style on Saturday November 25.

Join us for Nelson's debut!

Renegade Moss