AUdrey Cuttlebuttle & The Great Bally Hooley Escape!

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audrey cuttlebuttle

AUDREY CUTTLEBUTTLE & THE GREAT BALLY HOOLEY ESCAPE is a modern, live theatre event mixing outdoor entertainment with a moveable location and multiple stages. Guests board the Bally Hooley train from the Reef Marina to St Crispin’s Station, and return all whilst action will take place on the stations and on the path beside the moving train.

As the audience moves along they will be entertained with live action, situational comedy and information of the areas and businesses they pass, highlighting some of the Far Norths colourful characters and the beautiful fauna/flora.

The story takes place on the Bally Hooley Train narrated by Local Historian, Audrey Cuttlebuttle and The Muso. Local sweethearts Priscilla Peaseblossom and Thomas Trueblue are taking the train to St Crispin’s where they intend to be wed at an intimate gathering, a ceremony to be conducted by the Train Captain and witnessed by close friends (the Audience). The Lovely Heroine (Bride to be, Miss Peasblossom) has an ex-boyfriend (Pirot, Blackgard Baddygaddy) who has other plans! He plots to steal the Heroine and whisk her away to his boat for a life on the high seas.

The Hero (Fiance, Mr Trueblue) has other ideas too!

The audience will witness the hilarious, slapstick duel of the Hero VS Blagard as he is foiled again, and again, and again!

Claire Tierney & Jack Heywood have been providing original theatre for over 10 years with shows such as Too Good To be True, The Amalgamation Play and Mano Nera to name a few.

For this massive venture they will be joined by Scott Witt of Combat Theatre who will share his experience and skills in physical theatre performance. Scott has worked locally with Jute Theatre and is Internationally accredited. Scott is acutely aware of the enjoyment of physical, slapstick comedy theatre with over 25yrs in the industry.

Also joining them is Ms Klara McMurray (aka MissK). A regular visitor and performer in Port Douglas,  the actress/comedian will bring her Public Speaking and Cabaret performance skills to the main role of Miss Cuttlebuttle – the Local librarian, historian and gossip!

Jump on board for a fun ride for a moveable audience!

This production is proudly supported by The Douglas Shire Council with a RADF Grant.

The Bally Hooley Steam Railway is a major in-kind sponsor.

Theatre shows will run on the following dates:

18, 19, 20, 25, 26 & 27 May 2017 at 10am, 12:30pm & 3pm

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