River Cruises

Incorporated with the famous Bally Hooley train, our river cruises are available with our tour packages:

  • River Cruise

  • Train and River Cruise

  • 3 in 1 Lunch Special

The Choo Choo Explorer takes you to the farthest reaches of the Dickson Inlet. You'll travel down the calm waterways, where you will enjoy sights of the mangroves, wildlife and beautiful mountain ranges.

Choo Choo Explorer

Cruise in leisure onboard our custom catamaran vessel along the waters of Dickson Inlet. Your trip on Choo Choo Explorer is a wonderful way to explore the untouched nooks of this exotic location, all in supreme comfort!

Your river adventure is immersive and informative, guided by a friendly and local guide, who knows exactly where to spot our elusive (and sometimes reclusive) wildlife. With the amazing shallow draft of the jet-powered vessel, you can get close and personal with the locals, and explore the farthest reaches of Port Douglas' iconic waterway.